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Crafting Custom Cabinetry

Crafting custom cabinetry that transforms spaces with quality, sustainability, and personal attention

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To guarantee the excellence of your custom cabinetry, schedule a design inspection with Kimball & Sons, where meticulous attention to detail ensures your vision is brought to life with unparalleled craftsmanship.

Cabinet Design and Fabrication

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Fabrication and Finishing

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About Us

Crafting Bespoke Woodworks

At Kimball & Sons, our legacy is rooted in generations of craftsmanship, dedicated to transforming spaces with bespoke cabinetry solutions. With a passion for woodworking that spans decades, our family-owned business takes pride in crafting timeless pieces that marry form and function seamlessly.

From classic designs to contemporary masterpieces, we blend traditional techniques with modern innovation to bring your vision to life. With an unwavering commitment to quality and precision, each piece is meticulously crafted to exceed your expectations. Trust Kimball & Sons to elevate your space with custom cabinetry that reflects your unique style and stands the test of time.

How we thrive

We Expert Our Goals & We Strive To Provide The Best

Kimball & Sons boasts a 98% customer satisfaction rate, completing over 500 custom projects annually with an average turnaround time of 4 weeks.


What We Do.

We design and handcraft high-quality custom cabinets tailored to meet our clients’ unique preferences and needs, ensuring impeccable craftsmanship and satisfaction.

Cabinet Design and Fabrication

Our expert team specializes in crafting custom cabinet solutions tailored to your needs, blending functionality with elegant design. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure every aspect of fabrication meets the highest standards of craftsmanship, delivering enduring quality for your space.

Fabrication and Finishing

Elevate your kitchen and bathroom spaces with our custom cabinetry, meticulously fabricated to your specifications. Our skilled craftsmen blend precision fabrication with exquisite finishing, ensuring your cabinets are not only functional but also add timeless elegance to your home.

Ready to Assemble Cabinets

Discover the convenience and affordability of our ready-to-assemble cabinets, designed to streamline your installation process without compromising quality. With easy-to-follow instructions and durable materials, our RTA cabinets offer a practical solution for achieving a stylish and functional space.

Cabinet Refacing and Surfacing

Transform your cabinets with our professional refacing and surfacing services, breathing new life into your kitchen or bathroom. Using high-quality materials and expert techniques, we revitalize your cabinetry with a fresh look and finish, enhancing the beauty and functionality of your space.

Installation Services

In addition to crafting custom cabinetry, we provide professional installation services to ensure the cabinets are securely and accurately installed in the client’s space. This includes precise measurements, fitting adjustments, and proper mounting techniques to achieve a seamless and polished look.

Space Optimization Solutions

We help you unlock the full potential of your living or working space by offering tailored cabinetry solutions that maximize efficiency and aesthetics. From ingenious storage solutions to multi-functional designs, we transform spaces into organized sanctuaries of functionality and beauty.


Don’t Belive Us, Check Our Client Feedback

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STOP! If you’re looking for a contractor, don’t look any further. Thes e guys are the BEST!!

Carol Gaeta

Where Ryan and his team truly excelled was on the s helving units . Thes e are truly flawles s works-of-art and exceeded every expectation.

Kevin Ritter

Why Choose Us

We Are Best in Cabinet Industry

Choose us for unparalleled craftsmanship, exquisite designs, and personalized service in custom cabinetry.

From your initial consultation to the final installation, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service every step of the way. Our team of experts will guide you through the design process, offering professional advice and suggestions to ensure that your cabinets meet your functional needs and design preferences. We understand that home renovations can be overwhelming, which is why we strive to make the experience as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Bathroom Cabinets

Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of luxury and organization with our premium selection of custom bathroom cabinets. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our bathroom cabinets offer elegant storage solutions designed to elevate your space while providing functionality and style.

Kitchen Cabinets

Elevate your kitchen with our exquisite range of custom kitchen cabinets, meticulously crafted to enhance both functionality and style. From sleek modern designs to timeless classics, our kitchen cabinets offer unparalleled quality and craftsmanship tailored to your unique taste and needs.

Storage Cabinets

Discover versatile storage solutions that streamline your space and simplify your life with our collection of custom storage cabinets. From sleek modern designs to timeless classics, our storage cabinets are expertly crafted to optimize organization while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any room.

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Dive deeper into the world of custom cabinetry with our informative blog, where we share industry insights, design inspiration, and expert tips to help you make the most of your space. Explore our latest articles for a wealth of knowledge on crafting personalized solutions for your home or business.

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